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Jacob Mckelvy Ministries | Jacob Mckelvy Ministries - The testimony of an ex-Luciferian Leader

Hear the full story of Jacob’s life altering testimony. Book him to speak at your church or event!

“Jacob is one of the first credible, confirmable converted Satanic/Luciferian leaders the Christian world has ever known.”


Jacob has not lived a normal life and some would say it was that of the ostentatious. He was born into the Mormon Church and a Mormon family. Two years later he became a brother to a sister who was inflicted with severe autism and blindness.

At the age of five Anna was born into the family. This sister became his best friend. At the very young age of three, she died from a rattlesnake attack and medical malpractice.

In 2007 he was recruited by an underground occult organization based on his talents and understandings of esoteric practices.

Within a few years, he climbed up the ranks to sit upon a high council. He became a studied esoteric occultist and demonologist who was directly under the top in the world within the subject.

In 2009 he was formally initiated in Rome, Italy to the higher ranks of the shadow organisation and placed within the order of the 12 apostates which oversaw agenda advancement and to bring forth “The New Evolution of Mankind”.

This lead to the foundation of the Greater Church of Lucifer (GCOL) which quickly turned into a media frenzy and the first major global Luciferian movement the world has ever seen. The GCOL grew by leaps and bounds and it quickly spurred a worldwide Luciferian movement. On October 30th, 2015 the doors of the first global public Luciferian church opened in Old Town Spring Texas as Jacob as its founder and chief architect. This gave rise to many other branches all around the world. There were 39 branches worldwide at the end of his dealing with the Luciferian Church.

In May of 2016 Jacob left the Luciferian Church, he created, never wanting to go back. He looked back at everything he has done and it was fruitless.  He felted used, betrayed empty, and disgusted. He went to seek for truth as he felt a void inside and something pulling him away for the GCOL. During the summer of 2016, he was plagued with dreams that he could no longer deny was a calling home.

On August 1st, 2016 his life changed forever. As he drove by a Church in his hometown he felt an urgency to go in. On August 11th, 2016 he confessed to Pastor Robert Hogan of Spring First Church and made Christ his Lord and Savior. Since then he has been baptized in water and spirit and was given the mantle of a prophet to God in a short amount of time later. He is a seer, dreamer, and visionary for Christ.

Today he is excited to be able to share his testimony of hope and inspiration of the glory of God. Jacob can relate and understand a very wide audience as he has walked in many of their shoes. He now wants to give back what he has taken so that people can truly see that Christ is the redeemer of all, even if they are like him.

“Look, let’s get real here. If a man like me who had dedicated his entire life to Satan and the world can come unto Christ. Anyone can. There are no more excuses. As no matter how far away we are from God he is only a few steps in front us. I am the living testimony of that.” – Jacob Mckelvy