The Book of Jacob – The story of an occult leader saved by god


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The call of God is strong in the last days, even those who have fallen still can be raised up in his Glory.

“I was at one point the furthest away from God one person could be. Yet, God still loved me enough to call me home.”

The Book of Jacob is unlike any other story about redemption you have read before. It dives deep into the life story of a global occult leader, including everything that led up to the creation of a worldwide Luciferian Religion to his redemption with God . This book was written not only to inspire but also to teach the true and factual way the Adversary works in our lives. This testimony and life story sets the pace for a new generation of understanding and teaches lessons to all of us in these final days.

Read the story of the former leader and founder of the Greater Church of Lucifer who spearheaded the modern Luciferian movement, and his one-of-a-kind testimony of the grace of God.

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