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Jacob Mckelvy Ministries | Mission

Jacob Mckelvy Ministries Mission Statement



We see that in today’s world, there is a large and obvious gap in the common understanding of how the Adversary truly works in our day-to-day lives.  One critical area are the influences that are strongly impressed upon our youth from the secular culture.  The other important area are those who feel rejected by the Christian church, and with them, those who have been broken or injured from the abuses of non-Scriptural doctrine and badly motivated people.

This massive gap of knowledge also contains a great deal of fear based upon the occult and the agenda of the Adversary that has influenced many who have filled in the gap themselves with false information and superstition.  They often have created a contribution to pop-culture based upon these fears.

In fact, these false ideas and perpetration of fear are very much a part of an adversarial plan from its beginning.  It is the goal of JMM to help clear up the false positions and to alleviate the damage caused by fear mongering by presenting Biblical-based education on the occult with God’s great plan of redemption.  In filling in this gap of knowledge, we endeavor to exposing the seeds that have been planted, as well as the branches that have grown up from those seeds.  No one can successfully avoid the pitfalls and traps of the Enemy, if one does not know what they truly are.  Guesswork simply is not good enough.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”  –
Sun Tzu, from The Art of War


Secondly, JMM aims to help Believers to learn and be aware of a wholeness in their lives by allowing themselves, and others, to perceive their true and highest potential in the eyes of God.  If we can understand our true selves, then we can begin the process of becoming a more mature spiritual being.  This walk in maturity will allow us to hear and see more clearly the nature of the blessing intended for our lives that comes from our Father.

Some are looking for some kind of instant fix for very complex issues that are in their lives, but often overlook the tools that God has already provided for us to fix ourselves. We see that we must put forth properly directed effort before God our Father can meet us with His love and grace that He desires to give.  He has given us an amazing mind and powerful abilities to deal with many of our earthly issues.  It is up to us to take those tools, and use them as He has designed them.


Thirdly, our goal is to expose the false doctrine and pop culture practices that plague too many of the Christian churches of today.  On the Satanic side, of the war there is a common trend.  A vast number of people have been exposed to the Gospel message, and have been damaged by either the false teaching or people connected to it.  These injured people have often sought out a place where they can feel guilt-free and have a sense of control over their own lives.  They have been rejected or hurt by the teachings of the church that they were exposed to.  We see that it is here that a major part of the true war lies.  We must understand that the Adversary does not work very hard on those who are lukewarm, but instead he attacks and infests the church itself.  The Satanic community often acts as a safe place for damaged people to feel accepted in their pain.  We need to welcome back those who are searching in the wrong place for the blessing of God in their lives.