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Jacob Mckelvy Ministries | Jacob is the first confirmable Satanic leader to be reborn into Christianity

A Short History of Jacob

12802864_1283547534994177_5713859201869722420_nThis page was created only to prove the past of Jacob and nothing more. In no way does Jacob want to promote occultism or make it seem that he is honoring it. This page was made to only show a factual history. Jacob in no way wears his history as a badge of  honor and this page should not be viewed as such.

Jacob is the first confirmable Satanic leader to be reborn into Christianity. He has been a Satanic leader in the public eye, and was involved and created a public Satanic church in Houston, Texas and spear-headed a global public Luciferian movement.

In 2013 founder and ex-Archon Jacob No, real name Jacob McKelvy who converted to Christianity held the first GCoL meeting in his garage with a small group of people in the Spring Texas area. They studied and taught Gnostic philosophy, core Luciferian doctrine, traditional witchcraft, Hermetics, Demonology and Druidism rites.

The Greater Church of Lucifer expanded the core group with many alliances within the Houston area sub-culture and within the United States. Over the course of the next two years he built a global Luciferian empire with 32 branches world wide most of which resided in Latin America.

Others joined forces with Jacob after talks of his plans and ambitions for the future. The Greater Church of Lucifer wanted to create a home for all those who were too afraid to be open with who they were because of persecution and to help end the dogmatic slavery of modern faith-based religions. The Greater Church of Lucifer sole goal was to destroy religion by the interrogation of Luciferian philosophy into the general public and deprogramming the herd mind of religious doctrine that he believed at that time was the root of all evil in the world.

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Proving the past

The cornerstone of the Greater Church of Lucifer was the idea and belief in a global awakening called ” The New Luciferian Era” or the age of reason without the need of a God. Jacob taught the concepts of apotheosis and that man was God.

“We’re the first ever of our kind to be very open about this,” said Jacob No (not his real name), among the organizers of the international organization’s Houston branch.

While the Greater Church of Lucifer is certainly a first for Spring, a suburb north of Houston, No maintains that its open doors are a first in worldwide history.

“This is the first building in the history of the church that’s open to the public,” he said Wednesday in a phone interview. – Houston Chronicle

Jacob McKelvy is well studied in the occult, knows the ins and outs of the adversary, and is well aware of the false-hoods and scare tactics so often associated with the occult. Since he has turned his life over to Jesus Christ, he has made it a mission to educate people about the truths he understands about the dark side and bring to light the missing pieces of the puzzle.

There is such a huge knowledge gap in Christianity about the occult it is astounding. We all have seen  and are aware of the enemy taking control of churches. Satan is much more organized than most Christians understand, and he is here to educate.

Proving the past – News Media