A Great Awakening

Over the past few days I have had the honor of sitting in front of and listening to some of the world leaders in the apostolic and prophetic movement to discuss the great out poring on the earth. Time after time these great men and women brought up something all so familiar to me. “The great awakening”.

We may have heard this being used before from time to time but I am here to shed some light on the subject as a way to help you understand the other side and show just how significant this really is. This needs to be taught in every church around the world and if not these churches and people will be blind. First, churches must adopt and use the fivefold ministry in order to grasp the fullness of what I am about to tell you. This is not a conspiracy theory and is very real which I am about prove beyond doubt.

A great awakening is nothing new to the occult world. I am not sure how new of a movement it is in the Christianity but I have only really recently heard about it myself. I can confirm without doubt that it is very real and happening right now.

Based on what I understand in the Christian world the “The Great awakening” is an awakening to the real gospels of Christ, however there is much to this and many moving parts to consider. The awakening is coming from the Religious sector and foundations. A massive falling away from this organizations is on the rise right now. People are waking up to the lies they are taught and seeing the world with new eyes. This comes as a doubled edge sword. These people are damaged, very hurt, or have lost faith. It is a massive culture shock and is much easier to not believe than to put their faith into something else.

From the stand point of the Adversary this is easy pickings. When I was leading the Greater Church of Lucifer I cannot tell you the amount of people I met with who are coming out of the religion. It was so easy to put all Christians in a box and label them all the same. With organizations out there like what I created Satan is able to use the pain of this falling away as a tool, through people like who I was. We promised no more guilt, no more pain and that they are their own Gods. Regardless of your point of view this can sound very liberating, especially to the lukewarm and confused.

In the occult worlds we had the same concepts of the awakening as you did. It has been talked about for a long time, even to the time of the Maya. Many people thought that the end of 2012 baktun would be the end of the world. Of course we are still here, but to the occult world and the Luciferian movement it meant something else. It was the sign of a new age. A new age of Man. A great awakening of the mind where we find out who we really are and grow from infants to adults. Of course this meant the shedding of gods and religion into an age of calculated reason.

In other Occult works this age has been called the Age of Horus by Aleister Crowley, The Age of Satan by Anton LaVey, and the 60’s generation the Age of Aquarius which astrologically is very close.

You have to think to yourself a moment, as I had to also after having this revelation. The idea of the adversary planning so long for this blows my mind. It also is frightening as with this we can dictate what the outcome of what his plans are.

The Holy Spirit is opening the eyes of people who are in the false churches at a very rapid rate today. Attendance at churches are falling year after year based on reports. In Europe some places have ended the practice of Christianity all together. It is not illegal there but people have lost interest all together because of the pain caused by Religion.

In these people’s lives is a major hole and the only thing that is filling it up is the material world. Today we live in the “Me” Generation. It is all about what is in it for me and self-worship of some degree or another. This is what is being taught to our children at schools and from media. If we compare side by side the traits of society and that of the fall of Lucifer biblically we will see that this truly is an Age of Satan.

It also an age of Salvation if we choose to drop away from the pop culture doctrines that plague our churches today. We have to reach out to these lost people. We cannot sit there in our churches and simply have faith. As the bible says “Faith without works is dead.” We are have to get up and get out of our comfort zones and show love to those who are lost. If you consider yourself a warrior of Christ it is time to prove it.

We at this time have a choice. We can listen to the spirit or stay comfortable and miss the small windows we have for another out pouring on this earth. It will happen regardless but the impact it will have will be up to us. It is all in our hands. God had set it in motion and it is up to all of to get to it done.

I had a saying when I was involved with the Greater Church of Lucifer. “85% of the world is already Luciferian and do not even know it.” A Satanist does not have to identify as a Satanist to be one. A Satanist does not have to worship Satan to be a Satanist. Factually 99% of Satanists do not worship Satan as a God. It is all about points of view and heart posture. It is about hedonism and self-worship or making yourself an idol. It all about the inflation of Ego.  If you carry any traits of Lucifer you cannot be of Christ. That is being lukewarm. We all need to wake up and take really good look at our lives. If you carry hate instead of love, you are not of Christ. You do not get to pick and choose the gospels that fit best in your life.

I am not stating that we should not love ourselves but this is purely dependent on the degree that we do.

Satan’s number one tool to use against man is the Ego. If you have an ego you can be influenced. Christ had no Ego. Knowing who you are is one thing and perfectly fine but if you attach a prideful heart to it then you have everything to lose on the earth. Pride and self-idolatry are the hardest things anyone could lose. Those without egos cannot be controlled as they are humble and have nothing to lose in the material and everything to gain in the Kingdom. This is why Christ talks about not focusing on the material world and on the kingdom. He knew that Ego would destroy us.

I leave you with this. I want you to understand one thing if anything from this paper. There is no more waiting. Whatever you think is about to happen has begun. The time is now. Right now. Prepare yourselves and repent. Put your eyes on God and the Son and not on man. Man will fail you. Stop listening to interpretations of the word from the point of view of man and listen to the spirit. Test everything you hear against the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures.

In time I will go much further into this.


  • Lisa Roitsch
    Posted at 13:13h, 18 February

    Thank you for sharing. Keep posting!

  • Prilla Kindangen
    Posted at 03:13h, 14 March

    Thank you for sharing..being blessed and re-sharing your testimony to others too.. God bless you Jacob and family may God use you and family even more these days as the time is near…
    Best regards from Singapore!